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NCISLeroy Jethro Gibbs would have to be the role for which Mark Harmon is now best known. The character was introduced in two episodes of the television series "JAG" to pave the way for "NCIS". Now into nine seasons of "NCIS", Gibbs is known and loved by many, but what do we know about the character?

Hometown: Stillwater, Pennsylvania

Currently Resides: Alexandria, VA (8.01 Spider and the Fly)

Family: Father - Jackson Gibbs, Mother - Anne (deceased), First wife - Shannon (deceased), Daughter - Kelly (deceased). In the season 6 episode "Semper Fidelis" it is stated that Gibbs is an only child. Has a god-daughter, Amira, who is Mike Frank's grand-daughter. Mother-in-law - Joann Fielding (Shannon's mother).

Pets: Has a pet goldfish (7.15 Jack Knife).

Family History: At the age of about 9 or 10 young Leroy Jethro Gibbs saw something that badly traumatized him. This is part of why he is so good with traumatized children. (JAG - Ice Queen)

Gibbs' grandfather had a still. When it exploded he ran back inside to rescue the sour mash (6.24 Semper Fidelis).

Had two great-grandfathers who served on opposite sides in the Civil War. They ended their lives sitting on the same porch refusing to speak to each other (7.06 Outlaws and Inlaws).

His father, Jackson, killed a man who came to rob his store when the robber threatened two young girls. (7.10 Faith)

His uncle had a dairy farm that made powered milk (9.07 Devil's Triangle).


  • Hollis Mann (retired to Hawaii)
  • Jennifer Shepard (deceased)
  • Shannon Gibbs (deceased)
  • Stephanie (ex-wife)
  • Diane (ex-wife)
  • Another as yet unnamed ex-wife
  • Mysterious Redhead
  • Karen Wilkerson (turned out to be a murderess).
  • Definite sexual attraction/tension with D.C. Madam, Holly Snow.
  • Dr Samantha "Sam" Ryan

  • Tobias Fornell (FBI and once married to Jethro's ex-wife Diane)
  • Dr. Donald "Ducky" Mallard (Medical Examiner for NCIS)
  • Abigail "Abby" Scuito (Forensic Scientist for NCIS)
  • Mike Franks (retired NIS/NCIS agent who recruited Gibbs to NCIS) (deceased)
  • Holly Snow (former Washington, DC Madam)
  • Tony DiNozzo (NCIS Agent)
  • Dr Rachel Cranston (Kate Todd's sister)

  • Ari Haswari (deceased)
  • Natalia S. (deceased)
  • Eli David - Director of Mossad moved into the enemies category at the conclusion of the season 7 episode "Good Cop, Bad Cop". Director Leon Vance clearly warned Eli David to stay away from Gibbs. Relationship moved to ambivalent status after the events of season 8's "Enemies Foreign/Enemies Domestic".
  • Special Agent Lara Macy(deceased) - NCIS (when she was an MP she investigated Gibbs for the murder of a drug dealer - at the resolution of "Legend part 2" the relationship moved to ambivalent status).
  • Margaret Allison Hart, a lawyer who is connected to Colonel Bell, whom the NCIS team handed over the Mexican Federales. Appears to be some degree of sexual attraction between them. As at episode 7.24 Rule Fifty One, relationship appears to have moved to ambivalent status.
  • Colonel Merton Bell (deceased)
  • Paloma Reynosa (deceased). Head of the Reynosa Cartel. Her father killed Shannon and Kelly and was in turn killed by Gibbs.
  • Alejandro Rivera (Paloma's brother and former Mexican Federale, now felon)
  • Special Agent E. J. Barrett, NCIS. Gibbs does not like her and the feeling is obviously mutual. At the end of 8.24 Pyramid, relationship has moved to ambivalent status.

Ambivalent Relationships:
  • CIA operative Trent Kort. Kort has co-operated with Gibbs on several occasions, however at this time it remains unknown as to whether Kort fits into the friend or enemy category. As of season 8 (8.24 Pyramid) Kort may now be an enemy. Was last heard of in Tel Aviv with another CIA Agent, Ray Cruz pursuing him.
  • Special Agent Lara Macy, NCIS (details in the Enemies section above).
  • At this time the relationship with former Secretary of the Navy, Phillip Davenport is also best described as ambivalent. They are close enough that Gibbs has Davenport's number in his cellphone, and Davenport has visited Gibbs' home (something Vance has not). There is not, however, the degree of warmth that suggests the men are close friends.
  • Margaret Allison Hart (details in the Enemies section above)
  • Eli David (details in the Enemies section above).
  • Special Agent E. J. Barrett, NCIS (details in Enemies section above).
  • SecNav Clayton Jarvis (replacement for Phillip Davenport). Considers Gibbs to be insubordinate. Gibbs opinion of Craven is unknown, but easily guessed at.

Has managed to piss off every single federal agency in Washington DC. Once asked an FBI agent who was arresting him what the charge was, and when told "Pissing off the FBI", replied "Get used to it!"

Current Occupation: Special Agent in Charge at NCIS. His team consists of Tony DiNozzo (senior field agent), Ziva David (journeyman NCIS
Special Agent) and Timothy McGee (NCIS Special Agent/computer geek extraordinaire).

Past Work: Joined the US Marine Corps in 1976. He did his basic training at Parris Island. Rising to the rank of Gunnery Sergeant, he was specially trained as a sniper, with apparent exceptional talent. He was recruited to NCIS by Mike Franks after being injured in combat, and the murder of his wife and daughter. As a marine he was involved in Operation Desert Storm and had been stationed in both Iraq and Kuwait. Also served in Panama whilst with the Corps. Was also involved in a Black Ops in Colombia in 1991 on drug interdiction. In his early years at NCIS, Gibbs was a part of operations in Paris and Serbia. There he partnered with Jennifer Shepard who later became Director of NCIS, which ended when she was gunned down in California.
He also spent six months undercover in Moscow (JAG - Ice Queen). Currently has a strong working relationship with Jennifer Shepard's successor, Leon Vance. Vance has compared the two of them to Louis and Rick in Casablanca (7.24 Rule Fifty-One).

Personality Type: Loyal, Trustworthy, quirky sense of humor, aggressive if on his bad side, demanding as a boss, caring though he rarely shows it. However, Ducky once mentioned he used to be like DiNozzo when he was younger. Intuitive in seeing beyond the situation, but calling it his "gut instinct", good at reading human character in general. A father figure to both forensic scientist Abby Scuito and journeyman NCIS Special Agent Ziva David. The latter freely admits that he is the closest thing to a father she has.

Signature look: Formal/Casual attire. Had a mustache for a few episodes in season 4. Usually has a cup of coffee in his hand.
When left to his own devices prefers earth toned clothing, but has been seen in a bright red hoodie on occasion, and a purple polo shirt. Of late has taken to wearing shirts in various shades of blue. Has an affection for Carhartt clothing.

  • Speaks fluent Russian
  • Speaks Japanese (2.07 Call of Silence)
  • Is fluent in American Sign Language
  • Is a trained sniper and marksman
  • Drives like a maniac.
  • Is good with children and animals.
  • Superb horseman.
  • Can sample the frosting on a cake without leaving fingerprints.
  • Cooks a mean steak in his fireplace.
  • Can carve wood. Carved the decorative roundels for Mike Frank's coffin.

Character Traits:
  • Brusque to the point of rudeness
  • Supportive of colleagues
  • Intuitive, but prefers to call it a gut feeling
  • Appears to have a fairly solitary nature, preferring his own company, but will accept the company of others on his own terms.
  • Honorable. Would not open and read Leon Vance's file supplied to him by Trent Kort without Vance's permission.

  • Building boats in his basement
  • Woodworking in general (once completed a tree-house for a small boy)
  • Red haired women
  • Drinking bourbon in his basement.
  • Eating takeout in his basement.
  • Fishing (has fishing tackle stored in his basement, and is seen holding a photo of himself and Mike Franks with large fish they have caught in 7.06 Outlaws and Inlaws).
  • Making wooden toys for children in hospital at Christmas (7.10 Faith).
  • Drinking coffee. Drinks at least 4-5 cups per day (according to Fornell in 7.20 Moonlighting)
  • Likes Japanese food (2.07 Call of Silence).
  • Likes pizza (8.19 Tell-All).
  • Reading (9.04 Enemy on the Hill).

Character Trivia:
  • Uses "Old Spice" aftershave (mentioned in 6.18 Knockout)
  • Leroy Jethro Gibbs was named for an old friend of his father Jackson.
  • Takes his own coffee grind with him on overnight investigations (4.12 Suspicion).
  • Does not like spicy Indian food (8.03 Short Fuse).
  • Built a crystal radio when he was 11 years old (8.04 Royals and Loyals).
  • Occasionally drinks tea (9.04 Enemy on the Hill).

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