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Mark Harmon has starred in several successful television shows in his career. Over this page and the following pages you will find Mark's roles in chronological order. Add your knowledge about Mark Harmon's TV roles!

Mark Harmon Television Roles
Police Woman (2 episodes)
Police Woman - Season One
Year: 1975 (Air Date: 1/31/75)

Paul Donin

Character Description: Cameo role as a wounded witness to the assassin's most recent attack

Title/Synopsis: No Place to Hide (1.17)
Police search for a connection between a mechanic, a bookkeeper and a college professor, who are all killed by the same gun and in the same gangland style.

Year: 1976

Character: Stansky

Character Description: Police Man.

Episode Title/Synopsis:
Tender Soldier (3.02)
When a patrol cop is shot dead just before dawn in a Los Angeles neighborhood which turns out to be a hot-bed for cult activity, and Monica Dunlap - the daughter of a powerful California businessman - is arrested in a nearby safe-house for the P.C.U. (the Peoples' Combat Unit) Pepper poses as a mysterious '60s activist/terrorist on the run for years who surfaces in order to infiltrate the group

Emergency (1 episode)
Emergency - 905-Wild - Dave Gordon
Year: 1975

Character Name: Officer Dave Gordon

Character Description: LA Animal Bureau Control Officer Gordon with his partner Officer Albert Popwell work with vet Doc Coolidge under Bureau Chief Walt Marsh to rescue and capture dangerous wild animals in the LA area.

Episode Title / Synopsis: 905-Wild (4.22)
The members of Squad 51 lend a helping hand to the LA Animal Bureau Control Team, whose emergency phone number 905-WILD is an abbreviation for "Wild Animal Loose, Threatening". Dr. Brackett operates on a dying goat, relying on phoned instructions from crusty head veterinarian Doc Coolidge; and paramedic John Gage comes face to face with a bengal tiger. A huge canyon fire which threatens thousands of domesticated animals climaxes this "special" episode.
This final episode of Emergency's fourth season was intended as the pilot for a spinoff series titled "905-WILD".)

Adam-12 (1 episode)
Television Roles - Mark Harmon Fan Wiki
Year: 1975

Character Name: Officer Gus Corbin

Character Description: A hot-shot, gung-ho but careless new recruit

Episode Synopsis: Gus Corbin (7.21)
Reed and Malloy are called upon to train rookie officer Gus Corbin, but trouble ensues for the two veteran officers, when the rookie, Corbin starts taking unnecessary, often undue risks to apprehend suspects, and loses his gun while pursuing a burglary suspect.

Delvecchio (1 episode)
Television Roles - Mark Harmon Fan Wiki
Year: 1976

Character Name: Ronnie Striker

Character Description:

About the Series:
Delvecchio is the story of a tough, independent big-city LAPD police detective fighting crime in Los Angeles. Sgt. Dominick Delvecchio (played by Taxi and Numbers star Judd Hirsch) and his partner Sgt. Paul Shonski (Hills Street Blues star Charles Haid) are assigned cases that range from narcotics investigations to murders to auto thefts. His boss, and the man who assigns most of his cases, is Lt. Macavan (Michael Conrad, also of Hill Street Blues). Also seen regularly is Delvecchio's father, Tomaso (Mario Gallo), an Old World type who runs a small barbershop and is constantly perplexed about why his stubborn, determined son has become a cop.

Episode Title/Synopsis: Hot Spell (1.09)
Ronny Striker a young college kid who uses a classmates (John) mother and father's pool. He is seen kissing the mother by the father and what starts out as an accidental death, when he falls and hits his head by the pool after being confronted by the father who then pushes him into the pool (he was actually dead, so it is not shades of "Melt Down"), turns to murder when a young retarded boy living next door sees what happened and the father, who just happens to be a famous retired policeman, kills the boy. Delvecchio pushes for the truth (obviously a Gibbs gut thing!!). He confronts the man who then enters his house and kills himself. Mark is in it for less than 5 minutes but it was 1976 so an early screen appearance.

Laverne and Shirley (1 episode)
Television Roles - Mark Harmon Fan Wiki
Year: 1977

Character Name: Victor

Character Description: Jeep buyer.

Episode Title/Synopsis: Dating Slump (1.09)
Shirley becomes reclusive and refuses to date after learning that Carmine has a new girlfriend. Eager to help her friend back into singing a happy song, Laverne plans an evening out only to have the two girls wind up in a barroom scuffle.

The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries (1 episode)
Nancy Drew Mystery of the Golden Kicker
Year: 1977

Character Name: Chip Garvey

Character Description: College football star found standing over a dead girl with the murder weapon in his hand.

Episode Title/Synopsis: Nancy Drew: Mystery of the Solid Gold Kicker (1.14)
An infamous sports figure is suspected of murder. Nancy, however, thinks otherwise. Despite the danger, she sets out to reveal the truth.

Sam (Series)
Year: 1978

Character Name: Officer Mike Breen

Character Description: unknown - there were only 7 episodes produced so there wasn't much character development

TV Series Synopsis: The story of Mike Breen, a Los Angeles police officer, and Sam, his partner, a specially-trained Labrador Retriever: together, they're an experimental man-and-dog patrol car unit designated Two-Henry-Six.

Centennial (Miniseries)
Year: 1978

Character Name: Captain John McIntosh

Character Description: A recent Colorado settler named Frank Skimmerhorn (Richard Crenna) forms a volunteer militia to deal with the tribes. Skimmerhorn, a survivor of tribal wars in Minnesota, has a pathological hatred of all native Americans. He leads an attack on a group of peaceful Indians, ordering a slaughter of everyone in the camp including women and children. Captain John McIntosh (Mark Harmon), a young officer under Skimmerhorn's command, refuses to join in the massacre and is court martialed. At the trial, graphic testimony from a young soldier turns public opinion against Skimmerhorn and he is forced to leave the territory in disgrace.

Miniseries Synopsis: This is the story of the evolution of the town Centennial, Colorado. It follows the paths of dozens of people who come to the area for many reasons: money, freedom, or crime. It also shows the bigoted treatment of the Native Indians by the advancing US colonists. It is topped off with a murder mystery that takes 100 years to solve.

The Love Boat (3 episodes)
Love Boat 2nd

(From second Love Boat appearance)
Year: 1979

Character Name: Doug Bradbury

Episode Title/Synopsis: The Alaska Wedding Cruise Pt 1 and 2 / Carol and Doug's wedding is threatened by Natalie's interference and the financial problems of Doug's mother.

Year: 1983

Character Name: Rick Tucker

Episode Title- Season 7 Episode 10 - Set up for Romance.
An executive (Mark Harmon) is entangled in an affair between his co-worker (Christina Raines) and their boss.

240-Robert (Series)
240 Robert -  Deputy Dwayne Thibideaux
Year: 1979-1981 (first 13 episodes)

Character Name: Deputy Dwayne "Thib" Thibideaux

Character Description: unknown

TV Series Synopsis: The missions of "240-Robert," a specialized unit (three young but veteran deputies utilizing a four-wheel drive vehicle and a helicopter) of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department Emergency Services Detail

Notes: There is an entire web-site dedicated to this short lived series. Check out

The Dream Merchants (Miniseries)
The Dream Merchants
Year: 1980

Character Name: Johnny Edge

Character Description: A young drifter and a nickelodeon operator create one of the first big Hollywood studios

Miniseries Synopsis: The early beginnings of the motion picture industry is presented (in fictionalized form, supposedly based on the life of Universal Studios founder Carl Laemmle) that follows starstruck street kid Johnny Edge as he is taken in by East Coast nickelodeon owner Peter Kessler and his family. Their combined success soon propels them West to California as they build Magnum Studios into a major operator. But it is the personal side that fuels the story as Johnny, though infatuated with starlet Dulcie Warren, marries Peter’s daughter Doris, and the animosity of Peter’s son Mark towards Johnny who he feels has cut him out of his father’s life. When a financial conglomerate tries to seize Magnum from Peter, will Johnny side with the prospective buyers or will he remain loyal to the man who gave him his start?

Flamingo Road (Series)
Flamingo Road
Year: 1981-1982

Character Name: Fielding "Field" Carlyle

Character Description: Although young Deputy Sherrif Carlyle is in love with singer Lane Ballou Curtis, he marries socialite Constance Weldon as everyone convinces him it's better for his political career. Despite his excessive drinking and continuing affair with Lane he wins the election for Senator. He separates from his wife and has a brief affair with Christie Kovac, and while Lane is missing Constance and Field divorce. After Lane is rescued from her kidnappers and she and Field are reunited Constance reveals that the divorce papers were fake; in a rage Field pushes his wife over a stair railing. To avoid being arrested by the cops and being killed by his father-in-law, Field agrees to stay married to the wheelchair-bound Constance. As it seems they may actual reconcile, Lane moves on with her life and marries Sam Curtis. When Field discovers Constance has been hiding the fact that she can walk, he has an affair with Sandy Swanson. Their love affair is short-lived as she is killed by her own brother just to make Field suffer. Fielding finally smartens up and decides he doesn't want to be controlled by anyone and quits the senate.

TV Series Synopsis: Based on the novel and 1949 film of the same name, this prime-time soap detailed the lives of haves and have-nots in the sleepy Southern hamlet Truro, Florida. The haves live in huge mansions on Flamingo Road, while the rest of the characters did anything (blackmail, murder, voodoo) to obtain that address as well.

St Elsewhere (Series)
St. Elsewhere - Dr. Bobby Caldwell
Year: 1983-1986

Character Name: Dr Robert "Bobby" Caldwell

Character Description: Plastic Surgeon, classic playboy. Contracts HIV through unprotected heterosexual intercourse - a storyline that was notable for being one of the first ever instances in television history where a major recurring character contracted the virus.

TV Series Synopsis: The series is set at St. Eligius, a decaying urban teaching hospital in Boston's South End neighborhood. The hospital's nickname, "St. Elsewhere," is a slang term used both in the medical industry to refer to poor hospitals that serve patients not wanted by more prestigious institutions, and in medical academia to refer to non-teaching hospitals in general. In the pilot episode, Dr. Mark Craig informs his colleagues that the local Boston media have bestowed the derogatory nickname upon St. Eligius since they perceive the hospital as "a dumping ground, a place you wouldn't want to send your mother-in-law."

Trivia: The term St Elsewhere is used by triage staff when an ambulance has to be turned away from their hospital. A patient is sent to "St Elsewhere".

Moonlighting (4 episode)
Moonlighting - Sam Crawford
Year: 1987

Character Name: Sam Crawford

Character Description: Maddie’s college boyfriend Sam Crawford, now an astronaut, returns to start things up again and creating a classic love-triangle.

Episode Title/Synopsis: Blonde on Blonde (3.11)
David briefly curbs his flippancy to find out why his partner Maddie is so unhappy of late. Following Maddie around town, David ends up trailing the wrong woman--and "wrong" hardly begins to cover the situation. It turns out that Maddie has renewed her romance with her old friend Sam Crawford and it is David's turn to be down in the dumps.

Episode Title/Synopsis: Sam & Dave (3.12)
David and Maddie quarrel over Sam as they keep watch on a man for his mistress, who's convinced he's two-timing her - with his wife!

Episode Title/Synopsis: Maddie's Turn to Cry (3.13)
Maddie has fallen in love with her yuppie friend Sam, and David is none too happy--as demonstrated during a disastrous dinner date. Now, Maddie and David are obliged to go on surveillance together--to investigate a strikingly similar three-way romance. Maddie feels more and more confused about her relationship with Sam and David after an all-night stakeout with David culminates in an early morning proposal from Sam.

Episode Title/Synopsis: I am Curious...Maddie (3.14)
Maddie is on the brink of marrying Sam Crawford, but David brusquely informs Sam that he's not worthy of her.

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